Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Less stress...and kismet.

A sigh of relief. Now, all the logistics of the wedding are theory. Tuxedos and rehearsal dinner was the worry of the last two weeks, and I believe those have finally been put to rest. And yes, thankfully, Men's Wearhouse had something to fit my my fat butt, which was one of my concerns.

The whole depressing tuxedo fitting could have gone way worse, but the entire experience was lightened by Danny McMann, the poet and gentleman who guided me through the process. Want irony? Danny is a VO peep. Want more? He's a native Okie. It was like I was meant to walk into this store and meet a fellow traveler, whose attitude and energy made me feel so at ease. Kathryn was very happy that I actually had fun getting this necessary stress off of my back...thanks for being there, baby. It was really nice that you were there with me for a small moment of calm in this tornado of love.

It was nice to make an industry connection, and talk shop incessantly. We chatted about representation, people, we knew, and home back in Okie-land. It was really nice to say the word, "Checotah," and not have to qualify it with being associated with Carrie Underwood for someone to know where it was. Warms the cockles. It was also nice to chat about voiceover in a candid way, with someone who's a peer. Thanks, Danny. Hope we work together soon.

So I walk in dreading the inevitable, and I walk out with a spring in my step (which at my size is quite a feat, let me tell you), and a connection to home in my Rolodex (OK, so it's not my Rolodex. It's my phone...just go with the poetry of the moment). Cap that off with a pleasant night with my wife-to-be, and I have to say that tonight was just capital. Good night, world. Time to read and sleep. Catch you on the flip side.

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