About Brad

Do you want a superhero for your voice? 

Then look no further. Brad Venable is a mild-mannered voice actor by day, and Voiceover Superhero at night. 

Brad will swoop in and voice for projects just like yours, saving the day from amateurish pretenders who just pose and posture. 

Brad will leap from character to character in a single bound, turn around copy into recording faster than a speeding bullet, and in a voice more powerful than a locomotive. 

No job is too big or too small for the Voiceover Superhero, from characters that save the day from maniac supervillains, to the everyday fireman that saves your kitty caught up in a tree. 

Brad's warm and friendly personality behind the mic translates to the perfect guy next door. A natural delivery with warmth and character makes Brad into whatever your copy calls for. Strong, snarky, savvy, whimsical, smart, natural, smart-aleck, dry. You provide the copy, Brad owns it. 

Brad Venable wants to be the superhero for your project. Hire him today. Brad Venable is the character your copy needs!