Thursday, September 30, 2010


So I've been having trouble sleeping lately. My brain just seems to have so much trouble shutting off. Yes, I have a wedding to help bring together, and really trying to hunker down and get all the business side of the VO career lined out, too. Oh yeah. and audition somewhere in there, as well.

This week alone, I seriously fell asleep Sunday night thinking about whether I should hire a designer to make web assets for my website, or if I should learn a content management system like Drupal and do it all myself. Monday it was loaded with Pro Tools stuff from the  meetup and I was flat-out wired. Tuesday it was that I needed to make a list of everything I needed to finish this week. Tonight, it's looking at the list and realizing that I accomplished a lot today, but my list didn't shrink at all. That's what I get for adding to the list at the same rate I finish stuff. :P

I am dreaming in lists and rudimentary web page commands. If I don't outsource something soon, I'll be dreaming in code PDQ. The worst part of the dreaming is that I know things that I don't know in real life. It's maddening when you wake up and your mind has gone all tabula rasa.

If that wasn't bad enough, I wake up in passing gear. Susan Bernard called me Wednesday morning and I sounded like I was asleep. OK, I was asleep, but only because I sleep like crap. But as soon as she greeted me, my brain was already shifting into "what am I going to do today" mode. It's getting ridiculous. I'm about to take 1/2 of a Melatonin and pray that it kicks in ultra-quick.

So, I'm open to suggestions. It's stressing me out that I'm not resting, and it's audible in my recording. I've tried to read, but that doesn't work. I played chess on my Evo, but that was the dumbest idea yet. Yeah...let's calm down by playing a game of strategy. Smooth move.

Anyway, I have prioritized my list, and I do need some suggestions on art for my website. I've  bookmade backgrounds and logos for my custom Google Apps account, I made the masthead you see up above, and I have the design in my head of what I want my site to look like. I even have one of the most talented web programmers I've ever seen lined up. All that I need is the art. Just a few comic book styled drawings. Then I'm good to go. I bet I could even enlist some UX friends to help evaluate my design to see if it's viable. I just need the art. Kinda sad, huh?

Anyway...see what I mean about turning it off? OK. I'm going to lie down. Anyone have any suggestions, e-mail me or hit me up on Facebook.

Me fui. Night, all.

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