Monday, October 11, 2010

So I haven't been slacking. I swear!

I have been writing more than I ever have in my life...consistently. This week, I started The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It's a truly uplifting experience so far, and I highly suggest it. It may change your life. Seriously.

Part of the regimen is to write three pages a day, in longhand. Now, to a guy who hated writing because I was ordered to write sentences as punishment when I was a kid. You know the stuff. Contrived crap like, "I will not get bored and incite the class to riotous behavior." Make a kid write that five hundred times and see if he becomes an author. It's just like coaches. Crappy coaches will make their charges run laps (or substitute appropriate venue due to sport type) to punish them is ridiculous. Let's not teach them that proper conditioning  is the aim, and not that it's a type of punishment. Give them something that they won't be doing every day as part of their sport as punishment. Like scrubbing a bathroom floor with a toothbrush. That would work...unless said brat ends up in boot camp. Oh well, live and learn. But I digress.

But back to writing. I have been physically writing for  four days, at three pages a day, and I feel so much better. And this isn't temporary. This is a lifestyle addition. It's going to help me free my creative side. And I do need it. There will be more about this book in future blogs, but for now, I'm written out. And I'm going to sleep. Goodnight, world. See you on the flip side.

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